Multimedia Packaging and Production

A lot of times when a package says, “Open Other End,”
I purposely open the end where it says that.

[George Carlin]

Willowgreen CD

This audio CD was authored and produced by Willowgreen, Inc. When I designed the packaging, I selected one of the author’s photographs as the main element of the design. Since Disc Makers™ was going to manufacture the CD and packaging, I used their specifications and blank Adobe Illustrator templates when I assembled the layout. The wallet, which opens like a book, was 4-color printing and the CD label was silk screened.

a time to knit stockings

ebook This data CD contains a knitting pattern book published by A Time To Knit, LLC. In an attempt to make the contents of this book user friendly for both MacIntosh and PC users, I composed the content files in formats that use cross-platform applications. The readers can browse a number of pages using their internet browser (without having to be connected to the internet). When they find a pattern they like, they can select a link, open, and print a PDF file that contains specific instructions for that project. This allowed me to produce a full color version at a considerably lower unit cost than a 4-color book. It also allowed me to use audio clips and other features that can’t be included in a printed book.

I used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign to prepare the book files. The packaging and CD were also manufactured by Disc Makers™. I must commend Disc Makers™ on their fine craftsmanship. Not only is the 4-color printing on the wallet excellent, but the 2-color silk screening on the CD is amazing—the fine lines are perfect.


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