Publication Design

When you sell a man a book,
you don’t sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue—
you sell him a whole new life.

[Christopher Morley]


These two 80-page, perfect bound books were printed in 4-color throughout to present the nature photography in its best light. Although the covers are similar in design, the visual layout and typography on the inside pages are different—each is styled to present the unique features of the written content to good advantage. The color profile used in the Photoshop preparation of the images was an important technical consideration. Some printing companies have a profile customized to their equipment while others suggest not assigning a profile—not color managing the document. These books are Willowgreen Publishing products.

BooksThe design for Starting Points, a Story Circle Network publication, presented an interesting design challenge. This book is sold through, a company who writes this:

… Lulu is not a publisher. It’s a digital marketplace … [that] eliminates traditional entry barriers to publishing, and enables content creators and owners … to bring their work directly to their audience. First, they use Lulu’s tools to format their digital content. Then they take advantage of Lulu’s dedicated marketplace, custom storefronts and advanced listing and distribution services to make their books, [etc.] available to as many, or as few, people around the world as they like, earning 80% of all creator revenue…. read more>>

To market this book through Lulu, we designed the layout so that it could be sold as a downloadable PDF file, or ordered as a printed, spiral-bound book. The colored cover is used on the spiral-bound version. The one-color, PDF version is used as the inside pages. It includes a title page that doubles as a cover for the download orders.


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