Apples and Oranges

Create your own visual style…
let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

[Orson Welles]

Matching blogs

I love challenges. One of my favorites is adapting a client’s visual style to a variety of media and different technologies. For example, my Colwell Colour client wanted to coordinate the look of the corporate website (above, left) with their publications and graphic standards. We used fairly standard technology to achieve that look. Their color stylist who travels the world wanted a blog where she could discuss current trends. We were able to adapt the corporate look to her blog by customizing a WordPress template. Different technologies—same visual style.

Trilobite web Life coach, Cheryl Gardiner, wanted her site (above, right) to coordinate with her business card. She also wanted to be able to update it herself without knowing HTML so I adapted a template using ImageCafe at Since their blog service is a journal format and doesn’t allow comments, I restyled a WordPress blog template to match her site.

Trilobite Card

On the other hand, I designed and produced the Trilobite Media website with its Flash movie introduction before I created their business cards. I started with a scan of their logo from a piece of their stationary and developed the design in Adobe Illustrator to avoid image resolution problems when we sent the job to print.


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