Willowgreen Online

Communication is depositing a part of yourself in another person.
[Author Unknown]


Willowgreen Publishing’s online presence includes a large website, two photoblogs, and an email newsletter/blog. Unlike the businesses featured in the September 15th post, the Willowgreen sites are not designed to be identical. They do, however, share similar structures and Jim Miller’s nature photography. The main website includes over 1,000 pages and a shopping cart interface. Although it offers hundreds of pages of advice and inspiration at no charge, its main purpose is to sell Willowgreen Publishing products.

Willowgreen BlogsThe Contemplative Photographer is a non-commercial photoblog that Jim Miller maintains to share his interest in photography. Its basic design is subtle so that it doesn’t detract from the featured photographs.

The Thoughtful Caregiver is also a non-commercial photoblog in that it offers support and inspiration to family caregivers free of charge. One of the most popular features of this blog is the free monitor wallpaper offered with each blog post.

InSight is both an email newsletter and a blog. The email introduces the topics and the blog publishes the full version of the stories. The email is produced and sent through Constant Contact at web.com. That technology allows us to make the newsletter and the blog look almost alike.


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