2011 Willowgreen Products

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not.
[Ralph Waldo Emerson]

2010 was a busy year for production at Willowgreen. The following briefly describes a selection of our work:

Willowgreen’s 1-Minute Inspirations
What can you communicate in 60 seconds that matters? That inspires a little? That appeals to the eye and the ear? That touches the heart and the soul? These are the questions that Jim Miller attempts to answer on Willowgreen’s 1-Minute Inspirations every week. A new 1-Minute Inspiration debuts each Wednesday morning. To browse this blog, select this LINK

The Gift of Healing Presence: The Book
Our newest book, The Gift of healing Presence: Encouraging Thoughts for Busy Caregivers, focuses on ten basic thoughts that simplify the process of being a healing presence. Only 32 pages long, incorporating one-page chapters and highlighting Jim Miller’s full color photography, this book gives caregivers the background and encouragement they need to be a healing presence for those in their care.

The Gift of Healing Presence: The Audiovisual
In Willowgreen’s newest audiovisual on the subject of healing presence, you can hear Jim Miller’s voice while watching his carefully orchestrated images illustrate the words of his most recent book. Photography from nature picks up on the nuances of the message, inviting the viewer to make personal associations. The eleven-part DVD can be viewed in its entirety or a section at a time. It is ideal for group meetings and workshops.

Un Ser Amado Ha Fallecido
El Duelo Como Camino Hacia Su Restablecimiento

The wisdom and encouragement of Willowgreen’s 32 page book, One You Love Has Died, is newly available in Spanish. Now you can share this popular book with those for whom Spanish is their preferred language.

We’ve moved quickly to make 15 of our Willowgreen titles available in electronic format for use on various e-readers. Now you can carry our books with you with ease and read them wherever you go. All of our eBooks can be purchased and downloaded directly from our website. They will also be available through other major distributors.

To keep our work as accessible as possible, we’re adding this new line of products that can be downloaded almost anywhere, any time. Jim Miller has narrated several of our more popular books, with plans to complete more in the coming months. You can access them directly from our website.


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