Misegades Family Crest

We’ve uncovered some embarrassing ancestors
in the not-too-distant past.
Some horse thieves, and some people
killed on Saturday nights.

One of my relatives, unfortunately,
was even in the newspaper business. 
[Jimmy Carter]

Misegades Family Crest

This illustration was hand rendered in pen and ink, scanned at a high resolution and then colored in layers of Adobe Photoshop. The resulting file printed nicely on a laser color printer as well as by commercial printing. The resource for the drawing was a snapshot (at the end of this post) taken in low light inside Bremen Cathedral – Bremer Dom or St. Petri Dom zu Bremen in Bremen, Germany. It was hard to figure out the details of the armor in the center so I researched types of armor used on family crests and coat of arms. You can see other differences between the two images. Just as the spelling of the Misegades has changed slightly, I also Americanized the family crest a bit.

Misegades coat of arms



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