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Misegades Family Crest

We’ve uncovered some embarrassing ancestors
in the not-too-distant past.
Some horse thieves, and some people
killed on Saturday nights.

One of my relatives, unfortunately,
was even in the newspaper business. 
[Jimmy Carter]

Misegades Family Crest

This illustration was hand rendered in pen and ink, scanned at a high resolution and then colored in layers of Adobe Photoshop. The resulting file printed nicely on a laser color printer as well as by commercial printing. The resource for the drawing was a snapshot (at the end of this post) taken in low light inside Bremen Cathedral – Bremer Dom or St. Petri Dom zu Bremen in Bremen, Germany. It was hard to figure out the details of the armor in the center so I researched types of armor used on family crests and coat of arms. You can see other differences between the two images. Just as the spelling of the Misegades has changed slightly, I also Americanized the family crest a bit.

Misegades coat of arms



Slight change of direction

It’s never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise.
[Nancy Thayer]

Every so often, a person has to decide whether to fish or cut bait*. The prospect of spending money was the main catalyst for making a firm decision. Would I upgrade my software to Adobe CS6 Design Premium Suite, and extend my membership on Lynda.com for another year of software tutorials, or would I keep what I have and let my business slip into obsolescence? I’ve decided to fish, or rather to keep working instead of fading into retirement. I don’t believe in retirement and I love my work so it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

I do, however, feel the need to redefine the direction of my business. The software upgrade and tutorials will help me adapt my work environment to the rapid changes in the publishing industry. I’ve thrived in this business for over 25 years by adapting to change and redefining my business objectives – I’ve come a long way from Dazzle Draw, t-squares and rubber cement. Here is my working list:

  1. Acquire professional-level production skills at using the new software upgrades.
  2. Revise my online presence (website and blogs) to reflect my new business direction.
  3. Continue to serve my current publishing and web clients.
  4. Polish, lay out, publish and market online, 30 of my knitting designs into enhanced electronic files.
  5. Offer my services as a speaker/instructor in the fields of both graphic design and hand knitting skills.
  6. Explore the possibilities of developing an electronic magazine, an Apple book app, and even an electronic game.

I’ve taken three steps to start this process:

  1. I renewed Lynda.com membership for another year
  2. I ordered a CS6 upgrade. I prefer to have Adobe ship the boxed version rather than simply getting a downloaded version.
  3. Graphic Design Notes has been my online portfolio for several years. I’m adding posts about graphic design tips and thoughts to its offerings.

*fish or cut bait: I am using the modern interpretation here – cutting bait meaning to cut the line and quit fishing.